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Fall and Winter Season Safety
Safety Tips

*Avoid burning leaves.  Burning leaves is illegal in come areas.  It also releases dangerous chemicals into the air, so try to find another way to get rid of them.  If you must dispose of leaves this way, protect your face and do it far from your home.  Also use caution if it's windy outside.  And while raking those leaves, you can prevent an aching back by standing upright, pulling from your arms and legs, and bend at the knees to lift something.
*Change smoke alarm batteries.  The batteries should be changed twice per year. Many people use Daylight Savings Time as an easy way to remember to change smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector batteries.
*Candle Safety.  While give off a great aroma and soft glow, they are definitely fire hazards.  Keep them away from flammable materials, light them in a place where kids or pets cannot knock them over, and make sure to blow them out before leaving your home or going to sleep.  the National Candle Association reports that almost 10,000 home fire per year start with faulty candle use.
*Watch for poor weather conditions while driving.  Rain, fog, and wet leaves are only a few dangers you may encounter on the road over the next few months.  Roads can become slippery, and visibility decreases in poor conditions, making pedestrians, bicycles, animals, and road signs hard to see.


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